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The Collegiate crew did a great job with a very large house. They came everyday and worked until the job was finished including touch up and clean up. I would recommend them for any job that needs some fresh new paint.

Judy Rametta, Exeter, RI

Very good job. Outstanding. We would highly recommend Tyler and his associate for painting work. Thanks for making our house look so good.

Kathryn & Sam Camponeskii • Wakefield, MA

Cory is well on her way to becoming a sales executive there's no doubt, "no" is not in her vocabulary and I'm sure glad of that now. We were thrilled with the results and would have them all come back again.

Peg & Tom Nohelty • Chelmsford, MA

Is a good starting exercise for the future working life of these future professionals.

Giovanni Aurilio • Belmont, MA

We were very cautious about hiring any painters. Our highly recommended last paint job was very disappointing. We are very pleased this time-would not hesitate to refer this company again.

Helen Fulton • Belmont, MA

Steve Miller is very responsible + willing to do whatever is necessary to make the job right.

The Morrisons • Stowe, MA

Giana was very professional and thorough with a very pleasing personality. The workers were very attentive and particular about their work. They were quiet and professional.

Marilyn Cunningham • Belmont, MA

The whole crew are very hard working. Very professionalism. David is a very good leader. One of his members Chris he is above all. Overall they are great.

Carmen Sabatini • Easton, MA

Jim Lapp is very diligent and conscientious. His painters were very good, industrious & polite.

Frank Wilson • Sudbury, MA

Very good job. Kept checking our satisfaction and made sure we were happy before leaving the area. House looked great after the job was done.

John M • Belmont, MA

Prompt polite service, on time start and finish. Hope to use your service again.

Neal Touzjian • Belmont, MA


The experience definitely boosted my self-confidence, now I know what running a business is all about.

Steve B, 2002 Graduate • University of Massachusetts at Amherst

When I graduated and started interviewing, all of the employers wanted to talk about my experience with Collegiate Entrepreneurs. They couldn’t believe that I ran my own business while in school and actually made a big profit! They were impressed with my skills in the business world - even at the interview!

Steve R, 1999 Graduate • University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Nothing will ever compare to my experience. I almost turned down the offer...good thing I didn’ I’m loaded AND smarter!

Kevin M, 2002 Graduate • University of Massachusetts at Amherst

I’ve obtained the business skills I need that will make me stand out in today's’ job market, I feel confident that I can go into any interview full of confidence.

Dave L, 2002 Graduate • Johnson & Wales University

I learned an incredible amount of information about running my own business this summer, and had a lot of fun!

Chris S., 2004 Graduate • University of New Hampshire

Collegiate Entrepreneurs gave me the opportunity to find out what I am capable of doing. I have learned more about myself and what I am able to accomplish than ever before. After being done with my experience as a branch manager, I feel like I will be able to overcome any obstacle that gets in my way!

Wil D. • Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Running my own painting company was, without a doubt, the hardest thing I have ever done. Collegiate Entrepreneurs pushed me beyond my limits in so many ways that every other job will now seem like a cake walk in comparison.

Jay J. • University of Southern California

Not only did I break ground in the business world, I discovered a tremendous amount about myself. Collegiate Entrepreneurs was truly a rich experience.

Christina T. • University of San Diego

Collegiate Entrepreneurs is an excellent opportunity to get real life experience running your own business. Just like the business world, it is not easy, but if you have the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication, you can learn how to run a truly successful business and enjoy the profits.

Jeffrey C. • Loyola Marymount

What We Provide

  • Recruiting Strategies
  • Interview Skills
  • Employee Motivation
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Professional Selling Skills
  • Computerized payroll service
  • Toll free answering service
  • $1 Million in Liability Insurance
  • Costing & Pricing
  • Time Management
  • Lawn Signs
  • Pole Signs
  • Flyers
  • Business Cards
  • Logo T-shirts
  • Profit statements
  • Accounts payable
  • Customer service
  • Credit lines
  • Full Workers Comp

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More About Us

Collegiate Entrepreneurs is the most widely used college painting service in the Northeast. We are committed to providing a highly professional experience to our clients.

We offer a complete approach that starts from offering affordable pricing and ends with a high quality paint job.

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