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Customer Testimonials

The Collegiate crew did a great job with a very large house. They came everyday and worked until the job was finished including touch up and clean up. I would recommend them for any job that needs some fresh new paint.

Judy Rametta, Exeter, RI

Very good job. Outstanding. We would highly recommend Tyler and his associate for painting work. Thanks for making our house look so good.

Kathryn & Sam Camponeskii • Wakefield, MA

Cory is well on her way to becoming a sales executive there's no doubt, "no" is not in her vocabulary and I'm sure glad of that now. We were thrilled with the results and would have them all come back again.

Peg & Tom Nohelty • Chelmsford, MA

Is a good starting exercise for the future working life of these future professionals.

Giovanni Aurilio • Belmont, MA

We were very cautious about hiring any painters. Our highly recommended last paint job was very disappointing. We are very pleased this time-would not hesitate to refer this company again.

Helen Fulton • Belmont, MA

Steve Miller is very responsible + willing to do whatever is necessary to make the job right.

The Morrisons • Stowe, MA

Giana was very professional and thorough with a very pleasing personality. The workers were very attentive and particular about their work. They were quiet and professional.

Marilyn Cunningham • Belmont, MA

The whole crew are very hard working. Very professionalism. David is a very good leader. One of his members Chris he is above all. Overall they are great.

Carmen Sabatini • Easton, MA

Jim Lapp is very diligent and conscientious. His painters were very good, industrious & polite.

Frank Wilson • Sudbury, MA

Very good job. Kept checking our satisfaction and made sure we were happy before leaving the area. House looked great after the job was done.

John M • Belmont, MA

Prompt polite service, on time start and finish. Hope to use your service again.

Neal Touzjian • Belmont, MA

Our Process

Welcome to our painting process. This section will take you through all the steps of getting your home painted from determining if you need work performed, through post service and support. Collegiate Entrepreneurs Painting has painted thousands of homes and you can be confident that the job will be done right the first time. To get started look into step one.

Understanding Paint and Stain

There are many factors that go into a quality paint job and understanding the basics of paint and stain helps determine the plan of attack to a successful paint job.

The first step toward making an informed decision as to whether or not you need a paint job is to gain some background on the paint and stain covering your home and if or why it is peeling.  Paint and Stain can fail for a number of reasons.  When your home covering (paint or stain) fails it leaves your home at risk for rotting wood, an expensive fix.  It’s best to maintain the paint or stain on your home before it becomes an excessive costly problem.

The most common failure for a home covered in paint is peeling or flaking.  When your home is losing it’s protective covering it is usually due to moisture that has been allowed to enter between the paint and the wood.  Whenever you notice your home starting to peel in any area you should consider recoating the entire home.  Not only does the fresh coat of paint protect the wood from rot but it also beautifies your property and increases it’s value.

The most common failure for a home or deck covered in a stain is fading. The sun and the elements will cause stain to naturally fade overtime. Before your home gets down to the bare wood it is best to recoat the surface with a coat or two of stain.

For more detailed explanation on common paint problems we find our supplier, Sherwin Williams’ website to be a valuable resource.

What We Do

  • Powerwashing
  • Scraping
  • Sanding
  • Priming
  • Caulking
  • Glazing
  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Staining

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More About Us

Collegiate Entrepreneurs is the most widely used college painting service in the Northeast. We are committed to providing a highly professional experience to our clients.

We offer a complete approach that starts from offering affordable pricing and ends with a high quality paint job.

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